The cooperation with MV RunCycle centre is now consolidated. The elite athletic preparation for cycling and running studio also chooses to use IVER Vision BIKEFIT2D.
Iver helps the athletes to achieve a better riding position, whether it is for cycling or triathlon goals.

The youth field  of 707 Minini team from Brescia – coached by Mr Antonio Serratore – is also one of Iver users.
During puberty the biomechanical analysis of the young athletes is particularly crucial, as it is important to support the human body transformation and avoid overloading that can cause injuries.
In a sport like cycling, where the body is forced to maintain a constant position for a long time, it is necessary to often reassess all the biomechanical aspects and consequently evaluate how the riding position evolves.

The health center “La FISIOCLINICA” in Mirandola (MO) – led by Dr Mattia Bonfatti, university lecturer and physiotherapist  – continues the ongoing partnership with IVER.

After the BikeFit days held in November 2020, February & May 2021, the next appointment is confirmed on June 19.

During these days – entirely dedicated to biomechanical evaluations – we perform between 8 and 10 postural assessments.
IVER Vision BIKEFIT2D system efficiency results in a seamless workflow.
The user can concentrate on the athletes without having to worry about data collection.

Veronica Yoko Plebani is a Paralympic athlete who recently won international paracanoa and snow cross competitions. She took gold in both Sprint World  Championship and recent Leeds Games in the UK.
She will participate in the next Tokyo Olympics in 2021 competing in paratriathlon discipline.

Two years ago she made the decision to use IVER Vision technology to analyze her riding posture for both road and time trial bike to maximize her great potential.

Next date in Tokyo on 2021 August 28 and 29!